Kibian Adams Greene

Kibian Adams Greene is a South American born painter, who has lived in the United States since the late 1980s. She attended Howard University and the Ohio State University College of Law. A self taught artist and self proclaimed “late bloomer”, she currently resides in Baltimore MD, where she paints more than she practices law.

Her artwork is heavily influenced by her travels and life stories and she has spent extensive time in the West Indies, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, SA and Morocco. She is drawn to colorful places and this love for color is reflected in her work. She has conducted numerous workshops in painting, focusing on both abstract and figurative work using acrylic paints, alcohol inks, watercolor and oil pastels.

After years of not sharing her work, she was awarded a two month exhibition at Dovecote Cafe in Baltimore where her work was shown from July – September 2018. Her work has since been displayed at Arena Players Theater in Baltimore, MD as well as in New York at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition’s, Recycle 2019 exhibition, where her piece, “What Came First -I” was on display from May July 2019. She was also a featured artist at Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts (WALA) “Frame The Lawyers” in the spring of 2019.

Visit @kibianadamsstudio to learn more about her work.

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