Creative Grounds DC


Creative Grounds DC is more than just coffee and art. It is a community space where people of all backgrounds and ages can connect, create and learn. Located in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C., Creative Grounds DC aspires to provide a welcoming environment for teaching, producing and showcasing art while serving ethically sourced coffee and good eats.

It is a creative space for art and events and a tranquil space for writing, reading or conversation. We are passionate about the mission of the business and value our customers, artists and vendors. Today and always, we aim to make you feel comfortable and inspired.


  • “I believe Creative Grounds is an innovative commercial venture that is compatible with the
    Bloomingdale residential neighborhood, that will diversify its commercial sector by actively serving both children and adults.”

    ANC Commissioner
  • “Creative Grounds is a brilliant idea.”

    District Resident
  • I’m thrilled to support this local business that will bring
    a creative space to our community.

    Local resident
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