Kamilah House

Kamilah House is a Bahamian-American attorney and artist, living and working in the Washington, D.C. area. Growing up as a diplomat brat, Kamilah is a true “Third Culture Kid,” blending a medley of different cultural, ethnic, political and religious perspectives and customs that continue to inspire her work and influence her overall world view. This experience taught her the value of seeing the inner strength in each of us, rather than alienating people based on insignificant and often largely complimentary differences. She took a long break from the arts to attend Emory University and Howard University where she studied International Studies and Law and spent two years creating elaborate art displays as a kindergarten teacher.

After a long hiatus as an attorney, Kamilah returned to her passion and began painting again in her early 30s. Kamilah works in oil and acrylic. She uses bold color to broadcast the innate and historical strength and value of minorities and the disadvantaged, particularly black and brown people who do not always see that strength and value in themselves.

Visit @kohouseart to learn more about her work.

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