Julia Stavreva

Julia Stavreva is a 22 year old artist based in Washington DC. Logically, artistry isn’t a genetically passed down passion, but her parents’ love for painting combined with her grandfather’s past as an art teacher begs reconsideration. Although she is a self taught artist, creating art has been a long-standing staple of her identity, and will continue to be as she progresses in her artistic career. Captivated by abstract expression as well as the human form, Julia creates her works primarily with acrylic on canvas and pencil/pen on paper. Although she appreciates realism, she is especially interested in how surrealism serves as a tool for creating thought-provoking art. Julia’s art frequently features women intertwined with fictional shapes and forms in impossible environments. These enigmatic works make for fascinating combinations, leaving the spectator intrigued by the dichotomy of reality and imagination.

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