Dap is a Love Language

The Dap Project brings its curiosity about the Black man’s nuanced gesture to the Anacostia Arts Center in a multi-media exhibit that, through photo and interview, appreciates the literal coming together of hands and the metaphorical extension of love for community.

“Dap is a Love Language” invites viewers to appreciate the familiar greeting, and consider how, just like we do, dap exists in multitudes

Dap abounds in Chocolate City. We appreciate dap in three specific neighborhoods: Congress Heights, Parkview, and Stronghold (with a couple guest appearances by Anacostia and Edgewood). In these communities, we engage directly with Black people who shape and are shaped by these spaces: the barber shop, art galleries, playgrounds, and on the corners.

The Dap Project includes co-creators Rhonda Henderson and Aaron Stallworth. Photographers for this project are Joseph Edwards and Edward Underwood. This project is supported by a Community Heritage grant from HumanitiesDC.

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